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Comittment to Excellence

These are the elements that ensure our agency’s success:

  • Customer Focus – Satisfying customers through meeting their requirements and value expectations is the primary task of every employee.
  • Communications – Verbal and nonverbal communications throughout all parts of the Agency are two-way, clear, timely, consistent and forceful.
  • Vision – Management establishes vision for the Agency and leads the initiative to set direction and align everyone in pursuit of the vision.
  • Planning – Planning at all levels of the Agency keeps everyone focused on its vision, goals and strategies and provides a framework for achieving desired results.
  • Accountability – Accountability measures and indicators for Agency performance are established, analyzed and effectively used.
  • Selection – Employees are selected using criteria that promote the needs and expectations of the agency both in the short term and the long term.
  • Development – People are recognized as key strategic resources. Development opportunities are provided to assure that each employee understands, supports and contributes to achieving Agency success.
  • Involvement – All employees are involved in establishing and achieving initiatives for performance and improvement goals.
  • Motivation – Employees are motivated through trust, respect, recognition and a work environment that is conducive to the well-being and growth of all employees.
  • Information – Required information is clear, complete, accurate, timely, useful, accessible and integrated with products, services, processes and procedures.
  • Business Associates – Business associate or products and services, business associate contributions and business associate processes meet all requirements and contribute value for performance improvements.
  • Innovation – Innovation is planned and effectively utilized in developing, implementing and improving processes.
  • Integration – Processes and the products and services created by them are jointly designed as an integrated system.
  • Carriers/Markets – Well-chosen partnerships with carriers and other markets are key to providing excellent products and services.
  • Business Results – Financial and business improvement results meet objectives, show positive trends and substantiate Agency success.
  • Performance – The Agency’s products and services are managed to ensure that customer requirements and expectations are met and both quality and operational performance are continuously improved.
  • Reliability – The Agency’s products and services consistently provide superior value throughout the business relationship.


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